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When your stock comes to the end of its first lease, you want a quick and easy way to offload it.

A way that saves on costs and logistics. And with ADESA UPSTREAM you’ve found it. Our e-auction technology puts you firmly in control, wherever you are, and lets you sell your vehicles with confidence without having to go through the hassle of a physical auction.

ADESA UPSTREAM helps you sell more stock to the right buyers, getting maximum market value and saving you time thanks to simple, easy-to-use processes.

It’s the most advanced auctioning system that’s ever been built, giving you the ability to list a vehicle in minutes, provide full descriptions and experience real-time bidding in efficient one hour auctions.

Buyers are able to participate in auctions wherever they are, complete with notifications that are available via SMS, mobile or email. And they’ve got the confidence that they’re looking at the freshest stock, which is available in a fraction of the time it would take via more traditional inventory channels.

As the seller, you have the power to negotiate with bidders and only you can commit the vehicle to sale.

Our UPSTREAM solution represents highly intuitive technology that’s been designed around your needs. And if you do need any support, there’s a dedicated telesales team to take you through every step of your sale.

We believe our approach truly represents future automotive – a way of selling vehicles that avoids the time-consuming, costly logistics associated with physical auctions. Try it and you’re sure to see the difference.

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