Remarketing Solutions

Solutions for Leasing Companies

When your vehicles come to the end of contract, you want a quick and easy way to realise the current market value for them.

A way that saves on costs and time. That gives you access to 6,000 buyers using cutting-edge technology to put you in complete control.

This is ADESA UPSTREAM – the game-changing way to process your vehicles with confidence, without having to go through the prolonged days to sell and associated cost of a physical auction.

ADESA UPSTREAM enables an optimised speed to market, which limits exposure to stocking costs, reduces days to sell and therefore protects against unnecessary residual losses caused by price guide drops.

With ADESA UPSTREAM, technology and industry expertise combine to give you a shop window to 6,000 buyers. And because it’s online, it’s all available 24/7.


Revolutionising vehicle inspections

We’re proud to bring you another game changer, IVI – Intelligent Vehicle Inspections. Remarkable artificial intelligence that’s intuitive and efficient.

Drivers appraise their vehicle at the end of its contract, including capturing images that AI technology processes in an instant.

It recognises hundreds of thousands of features, identifies even the tiniest scratches and dents and revolutionises the vehicle inspection routine. IVI even enables you the power to start remarketing vehicles before they’ve reached the end of contract. And that’s not the only benefit.

Customer trust grows. Last-minute shocks about end-of-contract charges are avoided. Your depreciation and holding costs are reduced and your fees for third-party inspections are eliminated.

All thanks to IVI.

De-fleet, done better

At our de-fleet centres, we again use sophisticated technology to drive workflow processes and efficiencies. This includes ‘Auto Track’ – an on-site logistics and inventory management tool that easily integrates with back office and vendor-facing platforms.

Drone-based technology tracks the movement of vehicles on-site to provide complete transparency to you and the ADESA back office at any given time.

Putting you in charge

Around-the-clock control of pricing, negotiation and bid acceptance. State-of-the-art vehicle inspections that give you the information you need in the blink of an eye. No more getting tangled in multiple end-of-use processes. Time saving. Cost saving. Game changing.

Our technology puts you in charge through an approach that truly represents Future Automotive.


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