An industry first - using artificial intelligence
to appraise vehicles.

It’s a world first for the automotive industry – we’re using AI in a vehicle appraisal tool, making vehicle inspection faster, smarter and easier. ADESA IVI is more accurate than the human eye, and it’s constantly learning. It’s game-changing technology at your fingertips.

See IVI in action

Appraises and calculates charges in minutes

ADESA IVI introduces a new way to de-fleet your vehicles. Drivers can now carry out self-appraisals on a smartphone or tablet, so that vehicles can be remarketed before they even reach end of contract.

It’s fast, efficient and accurate.

  • AI in a vehicle appraisal tool – it’s an industry first
  • Making vehicle inspection faster, smarter and easier
  • More accurate than the human eye, uses machine learning to improve accuracy and consistency
  • Vehicles can be sold within 24 hours through UPSTREAM – driving down the total cost of disposal
  • You get the best possible return on your vehicles
  • Reach thousands of car buyers through ADESA UK and ADESA Europe.

Reducing the total cost of disposal (TCD)

Is sending inspectors all over the country costing you time and money? ADESA IVI can help. Now drivers can do their own vehicle inspection when it suits them. IVI gives you the inspection report before the vehicle hand back date, so you can simply post it for sale the moment it’s de-fleeted.

Fast, efficient and accurate, ADESA IVI significantly cuts total cost of disposal by reducing:

  • Time to market for your end of contract vehicles
  • Collection, inspection, transportation and compound charges
  • Stocking fees

To get a better picture of how much you could save, use our TCD calculator.

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