As the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve, we’re doing all we can to make sure our teams, marketplace, services and technology remain safe and we will continue to act in accordance with Government advice and guidance.

Our digital marketplace remains open (with certain exceptions noted below) and provides a safe, fast and convenient alternative to in-person sales.

This page may be updated daily, so make sure you bookmark and check back for the latest news regarding our services.


Updated: 01.04.20


Can I still buy cars from ADESA?

In accordance with the latest government guidance, ADESA UK daily auctions will be suspended until further notice. At this time, customers can continue to secure a variety of ‘Buy Now’ vehicles at any time with ADESA UPSTREAM.


How do I secure a vehicle with ADESA UPSTREAM?

Simply log in to All vehicles displayed as ‘Buy Now’ can be secured online. We’ll store any vehicles you purchase safely and free of charge and complete the sale process once government restrictions are lifted.


Can I still enquire about a vehicle listed on ADESA UPSTREAM?

Yes. Simply click ‘Enquire’ and a member of our sales team will get in touch.


Is vehicle transport or collection available?

All transport and collections have been placed on hold at this time. Please contact with any collection or transport queries.


Is my account manager still available?

At present, your account manager may not be available. Please contact and member of our team will be able to assist you

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