What makes us better

We’re part of a big success story. Our parent company KAR sells 5.1 million vehicles across more than 300 sites.

ADESA has a key role to play in that success, operating at the forefront of technology and pioneering Future Automotive.

Here in the UK, ADESA works with manufacturers, dealers and rental / leasing companies, using our knowledge and skills to deliver the right results, in the right way.

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What We Are About

Supporting Communities

Giving back is what we do. We help charities that support our communities and everyone is encouraged to take part. It’s fun – and it’s always for a good cause.


We do things differently because it’s a better way. An ever- changing industry needs cutting edge technology – we’ve got it, and it’s great for our customers and our employees.

Keeping Safe

Safety matters to everyone. If there’s a risk, we act – and nobody is afraid to speak up to protect the wellbeing of ourselves and those around us.

Building Relationships

Our customers depend on us. Establishing close relationships with them means we can anticipate their needs and provide a service that exceeds their expectations.

Doing The Right Thing

We always strive to do the right thing, whether it’s for a customer or a colleague. We’re human too. So we aren’t always perfect, but we’re willing to fix things if we’re not.

Working Together

Everyone has a role but we’re all part of the same team. We talk to each other, solve problems together and celebrate success together.

Who we are
Jonathan Holland ADESA

Jonathan Holland, Managing Director

Phil Deegan ADESA

Phil Deegan, Operations Director

David Grice ADESA

David Grice, Head of Sales

Amanda Trevor

Amanda Trevor, Director of Human Resources

Paul Winfield

Paul Winfield, Head of Finance

James Dower

James Dower, Head of Business Development

Shawn Justice

Shawn Justice, IT Director