We use NAMA grading to help you buy online with confidence

ADESA NEWS | 15 MAY, 2022

We know how important it is for our buyers to easily understand a vehicle’s condition when buying online at ADESA UPSTREAM. That’s why we chose the NAMA Grading Scheme.

The NAMA Scheme has been developed to enhance transparency and give a better understanding of a vehicle’s condition, making it easier to buy with confidence. Grades are assessed by inspectors specifically trained to grade vehicles and work to a strict NAMA standard. The scheme has 5 grades which are based on the external condition of a vehicle.

Here’s an explanation of the 5 grades…

Grade 1

  • Minor repairs, for example, small dent without paint damage or touch in type repair
  • Missing minor trim items, e.g. tow eye cover

Grade 2

  • 1 medium body shop repair or a combination of 1 medium body shop repair and several minor repairs
  • May have up to 7 minor repairs or a combination of minor repairs and small missing components

Grade 3

  • Up to 4 medium body shop repairs
  • Could require a new bumper but not 2
  • Up to 3 major body shop repairs

Grade 4

  • A single major repair and some medium and/or minor repairs
  • More than 1 major repair

Grade 5

  • More than 2 major repairs

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