ADESA Assured mechanical indicator

ADESA NEWS | 1 MAR, 2022

To help you buy with confidence, we’re introducing mechanical checks on all vehicles listed for sale at ADESA UPSTREAM, giving you a clear indication of the mechanical condition of the vehicle. Our checks include:

  • Engine start
  • 1st gear selection
  • No engine management light
  • Clutch
  • Brake function
  • Reverse gear selection
  • Steering

Plus a number of light and electronic checks including:

  • Headlamps & brake lights
  • Indicators & hazard lights
  • Mirrors
  • Central locking
  • Radio and cooling & heating fans
  • Satellite navigation working (where applicable)

Please note, this is not a full inspection of the mechanical state of the vehicle and is a guide to how the vehicle is running at the time of assessment. Reach more about our indicator by clicking here.

Buying made easier with ADESA UPSTREAM…

From March 1st, look out for the ADESA Assured icon displayed clearly on each vehicle card as well as within the condition report. You can now also filter stock by condition, making it easier than ever to buy online with confidence.

We believe our tech-led approach is redefining what can be achieved by providing you with early access to desirable defleets and giving you the confidence to buy unseen with our detailed condition images and reports.

ADESA UK – accelerating change in remarketing.

Contact us today for more information on how our award-winning services can help with your digital remarketing needs.

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