UPSTREAM vs. Physical

INSIGHT | 7 JUL, 2021

As a multi-award-winning digital remarketing specialist, ADESA UK prides ourself on offering trade buyers a quick, environmentally conscious, and safe route to stock.

100% digital

How do we do it? Simple. Our UPSTREAM wholesale marketplace is 100% digital and always has been.

Throughout the pandemic lockdowns, we were able to offer existing buyers an uninterrupted service. We provided new customers with an alternative to physical auctions while their doors were closed. And we’re still helping to keep the wholesale sector moving with desirable defleeted vehicles from finance houses, corporates, and car manufacturers, as well as trade-outs from other dealers.

All these vehicles are offered on our UPSTREAM remarketing platform 24/7, the moment they become available.

Tech-led innovation

It’s no secret the vehicle wholesale sector has historically been slow to adopt new technologies and embrace the digital revolution transforming the rest of the world.

However, from the outset, ADESA UK has focused on leading the remarketing sector into a more tech-driven future by investing in and innovating our powerful digital UPSTREAM marketplace.

Without the legacy issues associated with needing to pump large volumes of cars through physical auction lanes, we consistently deliver tangible benefits.

Time-saving benefit

Sourcing the right vehicle, at the right time and at the right price are key to successful stocking policies.

Central to ADESA UK’s proposition is our ability to remarket vehicles as soon as they become available, compared to the traditional auction world where you wait for the next physical sale to be held.

We’ve even gone one step further!

The award-winning ADESA Intelligent Vehicle Inspection (IVI), a powerful tool driven by cutting-edge AI tech, enables vendors to inspect vehicles remotely, empowering them, if they wish, to start the defleeting process before end of contract.

This means buyers can access stock even further upstream and start their marketing activity earlier! It’s a win-win.

No wonder the 2021 Great British Fleet Awards commended ADESA UK for “Raising the bar in Remarketing.”

Environmental benefit

Being able to buy vehicles digitally also provides environmental benefits. Taking time out of busy work schedules to travel to a physical auction is now a thing of the past. That time can be better spent online and in the business, removing unnecessary journeys.

Furthermore, without vehicles requiring multiple movements from vendors to storage facilities and onwards to auction centres, carbon footprints can be reduced as vehicles can be transported directly to the buyer.

Safety benefit

With vaccinations still being rolled out, sourcing stock online has an additional safety benefit, as you, or members of your staff, no longer need to attend auction halls with other off-line buyers.

ADESA UK and you

We believe our tech-led approach is redefining what can be achieved in remarketing in the UPSTREAM world by providing you with early access to desirable defleets and giving you the confidence to buy unseen with our detailed condition reports.

ADESA UK – accelerating change in remarketing.

Contact us today for more information on how our award-winning services can help with your digital remarketing needs.

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