Use cutting-edge, AI-powered tech to sell your stock digitally

ADESA NEWS | 10 JUN, 2021


If you have over-age stock or unwanted part-exchange vehicles clogging up your forecourt, then we’ve got a smart, fast, online, disposal solution for you.

ADESA UK’s AI-powered IVI (Intelligent Vehicle Inspection) self-inspection tool is now available to car dealers

The award-winning ADESA IVI has been used for disposals by corporate fleets, finance houses, and leasing companies since its debut in 2019.

Now dealers can do the same.

IVI enables you to self-inspect your stock and remarket them remotely within 24 hours of inspection on our ADESA UPSTREAM platform.

No more waiting around for stock to be transported off to auction, paying fees, and hoping they’ll sell.

That’s the downstream, outdated way of doing things.

IVI empowers you to remarket upstream, turning vehicles into cash quicker.

How does IVI work?

IVI is a powerful digital tool, and it’s simple to use.

It’s app-based, so all you need is a mobile phone or tablet. Simply take up to 10 images and ADESA IVI does the rest, automatically producing fully-costed condition reports. These images also accompany the vehicle’s online listing.

You can use IVI yourself or ask one of our inspectors to visit your forecourt and do it for you. Simple. Easy. Fast.

How IVI is already working for dealers

“We’re seeing dealers successfully selling unwanted stock within just 24 hours of inspection using IVI,” said Jonathan Holland, ADESA UK’s Managing Director.

“Disposal costs are being reduced and days to sell shortened. Cashflow is also improved, with dealers being paid upon sale—and in some instances, has been on the same day vehicles have been inspected,” he said.

“As a digital-only specialist, we focus solely on remarketing vehicles upstream, before they enter the costly and time-consuming downstream physical process. This further roll-out of IVI means car retailers are now able to reap even more of these benefits through dealer-to-dealer transactions,” said Holland.

So, what are you waiting for? Start selling UPSTREAM.

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