Selling UPSTREAM: The Faster Way to Sell your Part Exchange and Overage Stock Online

INSIGHT | 29 APR, 2021


With dealer showrooms now open to car buyers across the UK, we’re here to help with all your remarketing needs.

The award-winning ADESA UPSTREAM provides franchised and independent dealers with 24/7 access to high quality defleets from big name vendors. And, our digital platform also delivers a smart channel for efficient disposals, enabling you to trade-out unwanted part-exchanges and overage stock as well as replenish your inventory with desirable cars.

ADESA UPSTREAM has streamlined the disposal process making it faster, more efficient and cost effective.

With buyers once again able to browse your forecourt, space is at a premium which is why having the right cars on display is vital to attracting and engaging with these customers. 

ADESA UPSTREAM enables you to turn your unwanted assets into cash quicker by selling cars in less time than it could take your current provider to collect your stock!

  • No auction fees
  • Reduced days to sell
  • Fully managed service

Sell your stock in just THREE days.

Day 1 – Intelligent Vehicle Inspection (IVI)

Inspect your vehicles in minutes using our AI-powered ADESA IVI self-inspection app and tell us your reserves. Or, if you prefer, we’ll come and inspect your stock for you using IVI.

Day 2 – Sell Online 

We’ll take it from here, launching your stock for sale remotely on ADESA UPSTREAM, within one day of inspection.

Day 3 – Get paid

Receive payment the next day – that’s cash in the bank in less time than it could take your current provider to collect the vehicle! 

Smarter disposals 

With ADESA UPSTREAM, we’re making the selling of your unwanted stock slicker than ever before.

We fully understand the need to drive down your Total Cost of Disposal by reducing days to sell while freeing up valuable space on your forecourt for new stock. 

ADESA UPSTREAM – Faster. Smarter. Easier.

To understand more about how UPSTREAM can benefit you and your business, call us or email now.

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