Unlocking the True Value of UPSTREAM Remarketing Post-lockdown

INSIGHT | 6 APR, 2021

The impact of the pandemic on remarketing will continue long after the lockdowns are lifted and second vaccinations roll out.

While 2020 was a tumultuous year, it also marked a year of far-reaching change.

With lockdowns and social distancing rules requiring traditional physical auction halls to close their doors, digital remarketing transitioned from an alternative defleeting solution to the ONLY disposal channel open to vendors.

The pandemic accelerated this evolving trend and there’s no going back. The present and future for remarketing is DIGITAL.

As an award-winning tech-led remarketing business, operating exclusively in the digital space, ADESA UK is accelerating this change. We worked closely with vendors making that initial switch from physical to digital and we continue to support them as they reap the Upstream benefits of Faster, Smarter and Easier remarketing.

The industry is experiencing a paradigm shift and ADESA UK is positioned at the forefront, using tech to add value and take our customers even further Upstream.

Our digital solutions are helping to reshape the remarketing landscape. By removing analogue processes, we are shortening lead times by bringing defleeted vehicles to the market sooner. This, in turn, is empowering vendors to better manage their Total Cost of Disposal (TCD) by removing unnecessary costs and reducing days to sell.

And this is how we’re doing it.

As part of KAR Global, the remarketing innovator behind some of the world’s most trusted automotive marketplaces, ADESA UK is able to leverage global investment to deliver cutting-edge digital solutions for our customers.

This has seen the successful development and rollout of the ADESA IVI (Intelligent Vehicle Inspection) platform, a game-changing AI-powered solution and winner of the Motor Finance Europe Digital Innovation of the Year Fleet Award, Business Car Best Innovation Award and Great British Fleet Awards’ Innovation in Remarketing Award.

And it wasn’t just the judging panels of these prestigious industry awards that were impressed by ADESA IVI. Our fleet, leasing, finance and OEM customers are also appreciating the benefits.

By enabling drivers to self-appraise their vehicles, using a mobile app to capture images linked to our AI driven database, customers can now be advised on the condition of their vehicles and any potential recharges, at the beginning of the defleet process.

With ADESA IVI, vehicles can even be remarketed on our ADESA UPSTREAM platform BEFORE the point of defleet – moving the process even further Upstream than before — saving time, reducing costs, supporting retention strategies and enabling better routing decisions based on accurate and timely information.

ADESA IVI is also helping to reduce the multiple vehicle movements required in the traditional physical process, lowering the carbon footprint of businesses across the UK.

Utilising digital tech to shift slow, costly and unproductive physical processes online wasn’t just necessary — it was inevitable.

Our mission is to continue to create Faster, Smarter and Easier ways for vendors to benefit from the shift to digital remarketing.

Contact us today to discover how we can deliver your digital remarketing needs.

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