ADESA UK reports high dealer demand for retail-ready used vans as home delivery market booms


Car dealers are responding to increasing customer demand for good quality used light commercials by going online to source retail-ready stock.

ADESA UK is reporting a growing number of retailers logging onto its UPSTREAM platform over recent weeks to search for vans.

“We are seeing an unprecedented demand for used commercial vehicles and that demand shows no signs of abating,” said Jonathan Holland, Managing Director of ADESA UK.

“A growing number of dealers, some of whom would normally only source cars, are coming to us to buy retail-ready light commercials for customers requiring vans. This increase in demand has undoubtedly been boosted by the number of start-ups joining the growing home delivery market,” he said.

ADESA UK is seeing higher demand for all vehicle sizes from car-derived vans up to panel vans, with good condition being a prime consideration among buyers.

“What has become apparent is that car dealers are not necessarily buying on price; more pressing concerns for them are condition, service history and functionality, with many actively bidding for vans to meet specific customer requirements,” said Holland.

ADESA UK also believes demand has been boosted by a slowdown in the supply of some new models, prompting high levels of return business from dealers keen to restock.

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