Act now to cut your Total Cost of Disposal

INSIGHT | 21 JUL, 2020

There are many costs associated with running a fleet of vehicles, including fuel, maintenance, insurance, tax, depreciation — the list goes on. Controlling the total cost of the fleet lifecycle is the golden ticket for the most successful fleet managers. Looking at one figure, rather than viewing costs in silos, gives you a tighter focus on spend and value — which is what we all want, right?

Controlling disposal costs after fleet life

For many fleets, disposal remains the forgotten part of the equation. What happens at the end of a vehicle’s fleet life can be overlooked, or worse missed, and costs can creep back in and erode profits. Controlling costs between the end of the contract and selling a car helps protect your bottom line. We call this the total cost of disposal (TCD). Reducing those disposal costs is now more important than ever.

Shifting the accumulation of cars caused by lockdown

The COVID-19 crisis and time in lockdown have produced a massive backlog of cars waiting to be remarketed and sent to auction. As the restrictions on the industry are slowly eased, everyone will be trying to shift their old stock simultaneously, meaning the whole process could take much longer than normal – months possibly. This may push your TCD even higher, costing you more in storage, vehicle transportation and inspection fees.

So how do you reduce these total disposal costs? We can help – but we urge you to act now, not later.

Selling stock now while used car prices are stable

These are uncertain times, and while used car prices have remained near pre-COVID levels, no one knows what the future holds. It makes good business sense to dispose of your old stock while used car prices are stable.

Identifying your preferred selling platform

The most traditional route to market through auction halls may not lower your total cost of disposal. It’s generally long, laborious and costs are accrued at every step of the journey. Auction halls might be reopening, but who knows when people will feel confident enough to step inside them. In our recent survey of car dealers, 78% said they’d be looking for alternatives to physical auctions to source their stock. It’s time to think outside the box. So, what’s the solution?

Utilizing smarter, faster and easier digital tools

At ADESA, we use digital technology to help you sell your stock fast. Our smart online platforms and tools enable the remarketing process to start sooner, well before a vehicle is de-fleeted, so we eliminate that lag time.  You can also reduce your TCD by an average of £300 per vehicle, whilst also saving time. It’s a win-win.

 Saving time and money through smart technology

Now that you understand the bigger digital dream, how can you use it to sell more cars? ADESA Upstream and our ADESA IVI technology will speed up the remarketing process, which is vital to staying ahead of the game.

The traditional model:

Traditional model


The new model:

New model

ADESA Upstream allows you to dispose of vehicles in minutes, not weeks. It’s all digital, too, so your stock can be seen by thousands of buyers 24/7, many who prefer the safety and convenience of buying online right now.

ADESA IVI allows drivers to carry out inspections on a smart device, making it faster, smarter and more accessible. The benefits don’t end there – your inspection fees are reduced, and your stock is sold quicker.

Ready to take control and work out where you can save money? Simply use our TCD Calculator.

Driving the future of automotive technology with ADESA

Our mission of accelerating change in the vehicle remarketing industry has only just begun. Both ADESA IVI and ADESA Upstream tackle TCD head-on by driving down disposal costs for fleets across the UK by applying digital thinking in a digital world–just when it’s needed the most.

Ready to act now and keep your total disposal costs low?

See how ADESA can reduce your total cost of disposal.


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