78% of dealers polled are looking for alternatives to physical auctions when sourcing used car stock


As they restart their businesses in the wake of COVID-19, over three-quarters of car dealers polled in a survey are looking for alternatives to physical auctions when sourcing new stock.

ADESA UK’s research undertaken last month asked dealers how they intend to restock following the reopening of car showrooms. The survey polled the views of 45 independent and franchised businesses across the UK.

As a result of the COVID-19 crisis 78% said they will look for alternatives to visiting physical auctions, with 60% saying they will now either use, or only use, digital auctions. Only 11% of dealers said they would feel comfortable attending a physical auction when lockdown measures are eased to allow them to do so.

“This research shows how dealers restarting their businesses are discovering the efficiency and safety of a digital approach which enables them to adhere to social distancing rules when restocking,” said Jonathan Holland, managing director of ADESA UK.

“One of the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis is that dealers are now more comfortable with transacting online and are migrating from physical to digital auctions to replenish stock,” he said.


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