Physical auctions: time to try something different?

INSIGHT | 5 APR, 2020

What are the benefits of having a break from the norm? It could be something as straightforward as taking the stairs instead of the lift or leaving the sugar out of your coffee. Maybe you could make the time to have a proper breakfast and not have to dash out of the house before you’ve eaten.

Changing the way you do things isn’t impossible – and when it comes to your stock sourcing habits, it’s worth giving it a shot and discovering just how beneficial it can be.

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ADESA UPSTREAM is pioneering a different way of vehicle remarketing. So when it comes to alternatives to physical auctions, we’re here to help. Start things off with our five-step plan and you might even find you’ve got time for that proper breakfast…

  1. You’re halfway there already

We’re only on step one, but you’re halfway there already. Because the chances are, the alternative to physical car auctions is in your pocket, on your desk or in your hand right now. The beauty of ADESA UPSTREAM is that it’s accessible on your phone, tablet or desktop. It means you can take part in those auctions wherever you are and whenever it suits you. Just register here.

  1. Prepare to clear your diary

You might spend an awful lot of time sourcing new stock for your dealership at physical car auctions. These are the hours on the motorway in all weathers, the shivering in vast auction houses, the quick cheese and pickle sandwiches from Newport Pagnell services and the late arrivals home. There’s not even any guarantee that these long journeys will get you the vehicles you’re looking for. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With ADESA UPSTREAM you don’t have to go anywhere. So, whether you use the extra hours to sell more cars or spend quality time with the family, you’ll suddenly discover your diary looks a lot clearer.

  1. Expect plenty of choice

You don’t have to compromise on having access to a wide range of stock. ADESA UPSTREAM offers you a huge choice of cars and light commercial vehicles from vendors such as Arval, Motability and many others – and gives you an early opportunity to view them. You can filter the stock you’re interested in, set up wish lists and get notified when vehicles are live. And do all of that without having to move from the comfort of your chair.


  1. Don’t worry about vehicle descriptions

You might be nervous about not being in the same place as the vehicles you’re bidding for. We understand that, which is why ADESA UPSTREAM comes with clear, transparent descriptions and quality images of the ones you’re interested in.

We want to give you confidence that what you see is what you’ll get when the vehicle is delivered. So, if you receive it and you don’t think it’s as described, simply get in touch and we’ll find a solution for you.

  1. Finally…just give it a go

We’re here to make it easy but we realise that switching might not happen overnight and that you might prefer to dip your toes in UPSTREAM prior to taking the plunge. Perhaps you’d like to speak to one of the many dealers who are already using UPSTREAM. If so, that’s great – you’ll hear some glowing reports. And when you give us a try, we won’t need you to pay a joining fee or subscription or commit to a contract. You can just sign-up and have a go. It’s an easy process and we’ll provide any support you might require. So with that in mind, there’s no time like the present…

See how we’re revolutionising vehicle remarketing for dealers by registering with UPSTREAM today.

More time selling. Less time sourcing.

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