ADESA COVID-19 UPDATE – Supporting Our Customers

ADESA NEWS | 23 MAR, 2020

As we all come to terms with the growing challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic, our focus is clear, to support your dealership in any way that we can.

Whilst no one can be certain, there may be a risk of virus transference between people handling stock, so it’s vital we identify best practices and preventative measures to prevent it from spreading as best we can.

Rest assured, ADESA is open for business but we’ve put some rigorous procedures in place at our compounds to ensure the safety of our staff, customers and the marketplace in general .

  • We have warning notices on entry doors advising not to enter if you have symptoms.
  • All visitors are asked to sanitise upon entering the office.
  • We have sanitisers available at all entry points and at all toilets.
  • Collection drivers are asked to sign a travel declaration confirming they have not travelled to infected areas or are showing symptoms.
  • We are promoting regular washing of hands for 20 seconds throughout the day.
  • Every person on site has their own personal sanitiser.
  • Yard teams are sanitising after touching every vehicle.
  • We have a ‘touch free thermometer’ available for the team to monitor their own temperatures should they become concerned.
  • We are sanitising workstations and door handles at least twice per day.


We’re living in a challenging and different time, so you might have questions about your contact with your account manager and our services. So, we’ve put together some helpful FAQs to guide you. These will be updated regularly as the pandemic situation evolves so please do check back daily. The FAQs can be found here:


No one is in this alone; we’re navigating these challenges together. If you’re unsure of steps you can take to keep your dealership customers and employees safe, we suggest implementing the following:


  • Foster social distancing and encourage separate seating areas so that customers aren’t sitting close together.
  • Regularly disinfect all surfaces that people might come into contact with.
  • Ensure all staff are wearing gloves when handling stock.
  • Make sure all staff are washing their hands throughout the day and for at least 20 seconds.
  • Place steering wheel and seat protectors on all your vehicles.


Lastly, we wanted to let you know that our digital marketplace, ADESA UPSTREAM, remains operational and provides a safe, fast and convenient alternative to physical auctions and face-to-face sales.


Thank you for your continued partnership and if you have any specific concerns that we haven’t answered, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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