Vehicle remarketing: a change is coming

ADESA NEWS | 9 DEC, 2019

Forget everything you think you know about vehicle remarketing. That’s it, everything. Finding vehicles, moving them, attending physical auctions, worrying about unsold vehicles parked for weeks. These ways of working are old fashioned and costly.

Isn’t it strange that in today’s technology-driven world, our industry still works like this? Fleet companies and dealers are losing money. Why? Because we are complacent, and the industry is set in its ways.

That’s why here at ADESA, we believe it’s time for change. And we’re accelerating this change with fresh, innovative thinking that drives both buyers and sellers into the digital age. It’s bold thinking, yes. But daunting? No. We know the industry is seeking new solutions and people are truly ready to wave goodbye to the traditional practices that exist.

Accelerating change: making things faster, smarter and easier
If you’re a dealer, the last thing you want to do is spend time outside your business, viewing cars at physical auctions for hours. Or if you’re selling, you want to get the best possible return on your depreciating assets, right? Of course, you do.

The answer is a digital approach; it’s the most efficient way to help customers save time and money. We all know that when it comes to doing anything online, it needs to be instantaneous. So why should remarketing be any different?

It shouldn’t. Which is why we have made it our mission to develop faster, smarter and easier solutions to help our customers buy and sell cars. We’ve designed our technology solutions with a user first model – which has created a network connecting buyers and sellers all over the country. All with the simple touch of a button.

So, what does this look like?

Firstly, we’ve taken technology like artificial intelligence and used it to help our customers streamline the inspection process. ADESA IVI uses AI to empower drivers to inspect the company cars that are nearing the end of contract, all from a smartphone or tablet. Vehicles can be posted online within hours and sold within 24 hours. It’s also more accurate than the human eye. So, less time for mistakes, which, let’s face it, do happen.

Secondly, we have created a digital marketplace – ADESA UPSTREAM. It takes the hassle out of physical auctions, by bringing them online. Buyers can source quality vehicles instantly and dispose of end-of-contract, ex hire and lease vehicles in minutes, not weeks. It’s fast, smart and easy. Sellers can empower their customers to self-appraise end of contract vehicles on their smartphone or tablet. They get the inspection report before the vehicle hand back date, so they can post it for sale the moment it’s de-fleeted.

Both of these innovative products help to streamline the remarketing process by reducing the Total Cost of Disposal. Think about the journey a car goes on from when it reaches the end of its contract to the appearance on a dealer’s forecourt. It’s got to be inspected, appraised, valued and prepared for resale. The longer this takes; the more money is lost. If you’d like to see how we can help you reduce your Total Cost of Disposal, use our simple TCD calculator to see how much you could save.

2020: keep driving forward
Our mission of accelerating change is a never-ending journey. That’s the thing about working for a company that is helping to drive the automotive industry forward. We can’t and won’t stop. Our goal is to reinvent the entire remarketing process; we’re always listening, thinking, and creating.
Are you ready to drive your business forward and start saving money? We hope you will join us for the ride.

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