Factoring in the Total Cost of Disposal

INSIGHT | 23 APR, 2019

Leasing companies and fleets across the UK could save a significant amount of value on every car they dispose by simply taking a digital first approach.


Value is lost throughout the traditional de-fleeting process from the moment a car reaches the end of contract to its eventual appearance on a dealer’s forecourt.

It’s analogue thinking in a digital world.

This is why we are advocating the use of the Total Cost of Disposal (TCD) for all fleet running cost calculations; it’s the missing part of the equation.

TCD factors in the numerous costs typically amassed between end of contract and resale including:

  • Multiple vehicle movements
  • Third party storage
  • Inspection and refurbishment
  • Daily accrued interest
  • Depreciation and book drops

Online remarketing eliminates the time lag associated with fleet disposals. As a market disruptor we have invested heavily in developing future-fit 24/7 online solutions that deliver the best possible asset returns for our customers.

We have long advocated the advantages of remarketing cars online as soon as they are de-fleeted and have now taken a major step towards further reducing this timeline with the launch of ADESA IVI (Intelligent Vehicle Inspection).

This advanced solution deploys artificial intelligence — the first time this cutting-edge technology has been used for remarketing — to enable drivers to carry out self-appraisals using a mobile device, so that vehicles can be remarketed before they even reach end of contract.

By using ADESA IVI vendors can remarket their vehicles sooner than has previously been possible, enabling them to get cars off their books and onto dealer forecourts in a matter of days not weeks.

Digital thinking in a digital world.

Contact Hayley Earlam, Marketing Manager to see how ADESA IVI can significantly reduce the TCD across your fleet.

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