ADESA opens first Strategic De-fleet Centre in Newbury

ADESA NEWS | 6 DEC, 2018

ADESA has opened its first Strategic De-fleet Centre in Newbury, Berkshire, as the specialist UPSTREAM remarketing company further grows its presence in the UK.

The 14-acre site, on the former Greenham Common air base, is already fully operational and processing de-fleeted cars from major leasing companies and corporate fleets with OEMs and dealers set to follow.


“Newbury is the first in what will be a network of Strategic De-fleet Centres which we will use to process the growing volume of cars being remarketed through our dedicated upstream channel,” said Jonathan Holland, managing director of ADESA Remarketing UK.

De-fleeted cars entering the Newbury facility are processed, cleaned and photographed before appearing on ADESA’s UPSTREAM remarketing platform.

“We are targeting a same day turnaround from the moment a car is de-fleeted to it appearing online. This maximises the asset returns for our vendors, while giving dealers the opportunity to source stock wherever they are 24/7.

“This speed to market is an essential part of our DNA as we deliver upstream remarketing solutions which are disrupting the traditional auction model where cars can take at least 10 days from being de-fleeted to being offered for sale in a physical auction hall. Reduced depreciation, book drop avoidance, maximised values and significant savings in holding costs are all key aspects of what we provide our customers.”

“With dealers calling out for digital access to accurately described stock at any time of any day, Newbury will enable us to process an even greater number of cars to satisfy this growing demand.”

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