The best tools to navigate bad traffic (and save your sanity)

INSIGHT | 10 AUG, 2018

As a nation, we love to queue. We stand in line politely for our morning coffee. We smile when waiting for a train ticket. The exception to this rule is sitting in traffic. Why? Because there is absolutely nothing you can do to get away from it.

To put it in perspective, there were more than 1.35 million traffic jams* on the UK’s major roads in 2017, with motorists in London losing an average of 74 hours a year stuck on the road**. That’s 3 days. Or a long weekend on the coast with the family. The latter being a much more enjoyable way of spending a few days.

So, what can we do about it? There are some impressive gadgets on the market that can help you navigate the inevitable traffic and save your sanity too:


  1. What’s behind Google Maps?

Be honest. You know Google Maps gets billions of us where we need to go every day, but are you really making the most of it? We’ve picked out the top 3 things we love to use:

  • Share your location with a colleague by dropping a pin and tapping the address. See how here.
  • The ‘Explore’ function displays a list of nearby places to grab lunch or fill up with petrol. See how here.
  • Want to go somewhere and can travel anytime? See the ‘best time of day to travel’ feature here.
  1. Get real-time updates with Waze

Even if you know your route like the back of your hand, the clever Waze app tells you about traffic, construction and crashes exactly when they happen, so you can avoid them. Users report problems as they see them, so you can be sure the information is up to date. Your ETA is also based on live traffic data, so you can plan your day and never miss the start of an auction again (unless of course you want to). You can Download Waze here.

  1. A driver’s eye view with INRIX

Your sat nav tells you there’s a traffic jam up ahead, but how do you know exactly how bad it is before you get there? INRIX offers views from traffic cameras as well as a clear display of estimated arrival times. So, you can literally keep an eye on the traffic. (And catch the odd photo bombing Blue Tit). Try downloading INRIX here.


Man stressed


The future of driving (without the crystal ball)

Audi’s traffic light recognition system could be coming to the UK – it sends real-time signal information to the car so if you are waiting at a red light, you can see how long it will be until the signal changes to green. Self-driving cars are also a hot topic right now, using external data to control the speed and steering. They will also reduce ‘phantom’ congestion on motorways by reducing the need for excessive breaking.

A deal that saves you time (and money)

Here’s the deal. ADESA UPSTREAM is an app that lets you buy and sell stock using your phone. No driving. No queues. By saving time waiting in traffic on your way to auctions, you can spend more time sourcing the right stock for you. Here’s what else you can look forward to with ADESA UPSTREAM:

  • Easily accessible on your phone, tablet or desktop so you can take part in auctions wherever and whenever.
  • Huge selection of stock of varying models, age, specification and value from quality vendors such as Arval and Motability.
  • Bid in a range of different ways; live auction, proxy bid or buy it now.
  • No joining fees or subscriptions models.


We’re here to take the pain of traffic problems away, so you can get on with doing what you do best; selling cars. Try out the latest vehicle auction system today.




*Fleet News article:
**BBC article 6th Feb 2018:


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