11 questions for James Dower, Head of Business Development

ADESA NEWS | 30 JUL, 2018

James Dower
When did you join ADESA UK?

March 2018.

How long have you worked in the automotive sector?

My father had worked in automotive so I pretty much grew up in car dealerships; I think it was in my DNA. My first job was in 1990 as a trainee sales executive in a busy Ford dealership.

First car, current car and dream car?

My first car was a Mini Mayfair – UAB384Y. I just about fitted in it and absolutely loved it. I wonder if it is still on the road today? I’m currently driving a BMW 530e, I’ve only just picked it up and we are getting along rather nicely so far. My dream car is an easy one, a Porsche 911 997 Turbo. Beautiful, sleek and incredibly fast.

What is your biggest personal achievement?

Without a shadow of a doubt, it would be my four children. There has been no greater achievement than helping them develop into rounded, bright and incredibly funny individuals.

What are your favourite pastimes?

Cricket is a huge passion of mine, especially test matches and I try and see as much as I can possibly fit in. One of my goals for retirement is to follow England on tour somewhere nice and sunny!

What is your favourite music?

Ska, reggae and indie rock.

What is your favourite film and TV programme?

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Green Wing.

What is your favourite website?

ESPN Cricinfo. I love statistics, data and cricket!

What is your favourite piece of tech that you can’t do without?

My iPhone. Everything that I need is at my fingertips and the ability to stream music through my car by asking Siri to play something continues to amaze me

What would be your specialist topic on Mastermind?

The Smiths.

What are the biggest challenges the industry currently faces?

Legislation, lack of clarity over diesel and WLTP are the biggest challenges that we currently face. But it is still a fantastic industry to be involved in and, for every challenge that it faces, a new solution and dynamic will evolve. It is an industry for forward thinking and fresh ideas; traditional ways of doing things are becoming outdated at a far faster rate than ever before.

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