Our innovative UPSTREAM technology saves dealers time and money

ADESA NEWS | 7 NOV, 2017

We used to go to the travel agent in order to book a holiday or a flight. We used to get in the car and travel to a store when we wanted to rent a movie. We used to have to visit a bank in person to manage our accounts. We tolerated it, as there was no other easier option… but now there is.

These services have moved online, so why shouldn’t purchasing stock for your forecourt be done online as well? You could save time and money by using UPSTREAM.

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Buying all your stock through physical auctions means only one auction can be attended at any one time. It requires the initial time spent online searching for the right cars, scheduling customer and internal meetings to make time to attend the auction, travelling to the auction and risking getting stuck in traffic, inspecting targeted cars, bidding, buying and driving back usually late in the day. It can be very time-consuming.

Online remarketing with ADESA UPSTREAM is simple – you find a car online, you bid, you buy. It means less time sourcing and more time selling.

With ADESA UPSTREAM there is no travel is required, you can take part in our online auctions from the comfort of your showroom, home or sofa. In addition, there are no joining fees, no contract, no subscription cost and buyer fees are highly competitive.

Read more about how converting to UPSTREAM can make your dealership more efficient.

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