Used car market decline – bad news or an opportunity?

ADESA NEWS | 22 AUG, 2017

Last week, the SMMT reported that the used car market declined in Q2 of 2017 following a record 2016. Is this bad news or is it an opportunity? With nearly 4 million used car transactions in the first six months of the year (an average of 660,000 each month) the market may be down but demand is still strong. The opportunities lie in ensuring your stock matches that demand. Scratch the surface of the SMMT report and you’ll find the clues you need.

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For example, demand for diesel cars remained strong while sales of petrol cars fell by 9%. AFVs rose by 24%, with growth in electric cars up nearly 80%, although volumes for AFVs remain very low at just over 1% of the market.

Meanwhile, superminis and small family cars accounted for 60% of all used car transactions in Q2 with minis and SUV segments showing growth. Black took top spot as most popular colour ahead of long-time leader silver, with demand for cream, white and brown on the rise. And the top selling models were Fiesta, Focus and Corsa followed by Astra, Golf, 3 Series, MINI, Clio, Polo and A3.

This is the kind of information that lets you get the stock that’s in demand. And with ADESA UPSTREAM, dealers can take advantage of the technology we offer and stay even further ahead of the game. Because crucially, they’ll have the advantage of accessing the best, most in-demand stock ahead of anyone else.

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