Our MD provides the last word

ADESA NEWS | 28 JUN, 2017

Jonathan Holland, ADESA UK Managing Director, spoke to Motor Trader in their most recent issue. Check out his responses to 10 insightful questions in the Last Word feature contained below:

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10 questions:

  1. What was your first job? County Trading Standards trainee. which in the day was also known as weights and measures. The job ranged from everything with testing weigh bridges and fuel pumps, to validating retail shop sales offers as being genuine.
  2. What was your first full time job in automotive? Trainee accountant for a large logistics company, BRS, which had diversified into car leasing, car transport and car auctions.
  3. First car? Like many of my generation, a Mini 850cc, in burgundy. Registration number WWJ 982M. I remember it well, including getting wet feet when the sills leaked.
  4. Favourite newspaper, TV programme, music and film? Daily Mail. Top Gear (but in the Clarkson era). Anything with a good beat (EDM, Trance and House). Where Eagles Dare.
  5. Favourite holiday destination? North Norfolk. Beautiful coastline, especially Holkham and Wells, plus Blakeney harbour.
  6. Which gadget can’t you live without? iPhone. Not only for staying in touch, business and social, but for showing off our UPSTREAM Remarketing App.
  7. Which individual do you admire most? Jim Hallett, chairman and CEO of KAR Auction Services, our parent company. A truly inspirational leader.
  8. Best and worst business decisions? Best – Joining ADESA. Worst – Not starting my own business back in the day. If only i knew then what i know now.
  9. Best and worst aspects of your job?  Best – Being able to position our business as a disruptor, without having a legacy infrastructure to cloud our decision making. Worst – Being away from home so much, but i am lucky to a have a very supportive wife and family.
  10. What will characterise Q3 of 2017?  A potential fall in the value of diesel vehicles as consumers switch ahead of new emission taxes. This is already being seen in some European markets.

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